Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Daily Show Promotes Conspiracy Theorist

I lost a lot of respect for the Daily Show after this episode in which he interviews Annie Jacobsen.

Jon Stewart generally displays a healthy skepticism (eg, the recent interview of David Barton), but he gave a woman with a history of sloppy journalism and exploiting paranoia the opportunity to promote her Area 51 book on his show.

He didn't call her on BS that can be refuted by the freakin' wikipedia article; eg, the map they showed was the Nevada Test and Training Range, of which Area 51 is only a small part. And the only real controversial new findings are confirmed only by an anonymous source that nobody else has spoken to.

The controversial finding? Joseph Mengele mutated children to look like aliens, and Stalin sent them to the U.S. in a hovercraft to create an alien scare in the U.S. Seriously.

And NPR, too? WTF, liberal media?

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